Discipleship 1

Discipleship 1 is a Bible study consisting of eighteen essential biblical lessons. This Bible study is used as a guide in the discipleship process to establish fundamental doctrines core to laying a proper foundation in the life of the believer. Discipleship 1 is accomplished by pairing a disciple up with a discipler for the one-on-one relationship and interaction.The completion of The Cost of Discipleship is required in order to be paired up with a Discipler.

The subjects covered in Discipleship 1 are:

Lesson 1: Salvation 

Lesson 2: Eternal Security

Lesson 3: The Ordinances 

Lesson 4: Holy Spirit 

Lesson 5: Word of God 

Lesson 6: Prayer 

Lesson 7: The Local Church

Lesson 8: Other Christians

Lesson 9: The Family 

Lesson 10: Dealing with Sin

Lesson 11: Liberty in Christ 

Lesson 12: Will of God 

Lesson 13: Giving 

Lesson 14: Money and Possessions 

Lesson 15: Job and Employer

Lesson 16: The Lost World 

Lesson 17: Judgment Seat 

Lesson 18: Next Steps