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Sunday, May 26, 2019
Passage: Ecclesiastes
Divine Book of How to be Miserable
Sunday, August 26, 2018
Duration: 12:29
Overview of the Exodus and Leviticus books of Psalms....includes how the original Temple music may have been preserved, along with the words.
Sunday, August 19, 2018
Duration: 59:52
Overview of the "Books" of Psalms and overview of the Genesis Book
Sunday, March 25, 2018
Duration: 54:40
How to pray for Salvation, How to get on the subject, how to keep the focus
Sunday, March 18, 2018
Duration: 1:07:12
Specifics on how to share the Gospel with Others
Sunday, March 11, 2018
Duration: 55:49
Lesson 1 The need for us to share the Gospel
Sunday, October 22, 2017
Duration: 1:11:12
Sunday, September 24, 2017
Passage: Proverbs
Duration: 50:19
Sunday, September 17, 2017
Passage: Proverbs
Duration: 49:26
Proverbs: Sins of Pride and Sexual Immorality
Sunday, September 10, 2017
Passage: Proverbs
Duration: 39:41
Proverbs about Satan's 3 Most Harmful Sins-- Greed
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