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Sunday, May 06, 2018
Passage: Jude
Duration: 44:12
We look at the book of Jude
Sunday, May 06, 2018
Passage: Jeremiah 15:15-21
Duration: 56:53
Sunday, May 06, 2018
Passage: & 1 Samuel 15:23-35
Series: 1 Samuel
Duration: 56:49
Sunday, May 06, 2018
Passage: Jonah 4:6-10
Series: Jonah
Duration: 42:29
There are temporary blessings that we can enjoy, but we need to understand that we do not need them to be happy. In fact, they can distract us from the things that really matter. Check out how Jonah cared more about the temporary comfort of his gourd vine (which grew out the cursed ground) instead of focusing on things that have real value.
Sunday, May 06, 2018
Passage: John 5:1-7
Duration: 55:53
Como Hijos de Dios tenemos la Obligación de estar Preparados para Ministrar y Parte de Este proceso es el Saber como Enfrentar la Enfermedad en nuestras Días.
Sunday, May 06, 2018
Duration: 45:31
"Woe unto you hypocrites!" Jesus withheld his harshest response for the religious leaders of His day. As Church leaders and those representing Christ to a watching world, is our life truly Glorifying to Him? Practical application on how to heed Christ warning from being blind and insincere Christians.
Sunday, May 06, 2018
Passage: Acts 18
Duration: 53:05
Tuesday, May 01, 2018
Duration: 27:04
Sunday, April 29, 2018
Duration: 1:06:56
Sunday, April 22, 2018
Passage: Romans 14:1-23
Series: Romans
Duration: 1:05:36
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