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We Are Always Making Disciples

God has made a way for us to have a right relationship with him through Jesus Christ (John 1:12, Romans 5:1). Once we have a right relationship, he begins to conform us to the image of Jesus Christ (Colossians 3:10). As we become more Christ-like, we become more focused on the mission of reproducing this in others. (2 Timothy 2:2). The church is all about this cycle of evangelism, spiritual growth, and reproduction. We see this all throughout scripture, but often point to Matthew 28:18-20 as the “Great Commission.” We have accepted this mission from God as our mission. We summarize God’s mission for the church into “Making Disciples.” (Matthew 28:18-20). The many varied ministries of MBT are all in some way involved in this all-important mission. In fact, it is what we are all about!

Instead of growing into a great big church, we hope to multiply this ministry by planting churches that will do the same. It is an exciting vision that makes MBT an exciting place to serve and grow.

Like many churches, we are a busy. In fact we are very busy. A common problem for busy churches is to be so focused on ministry activity that they lose sight of the mission! We deliberately attempt to avoid this (which is why we have this guiding principle…) by staying focused on the mission God has given us. For example, we encourage those in ministry at MBT to review their ministry activities making sure that they can describe clearly and simply how their activities are part of “making disciples”. You should be encouraged that we are a church where the time, treasure, and talents you invest will be used by God in furthering his kingdom, not just “busyness.”